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Your home is probably the most expensive asset you own - protect it with Budget Direct's Home Insurance.

Home Insurance

For most of us, our house is the most expensive and cherished asset we will ever own. The total value, of course, cannot be measured solely in monetary terms: a home is a place of accumulated memories, shared experiences and a feeling of security that we can’t find anywhere else on earth. Being a homeowner isn’t always smooth sailing, however. Sometimes bad things can happen – often through no fault of our own. Wherever you live in Australia, your home can fall victim to all sorts of unexpected calamities including damaging storms, bushfires, burst or leaky pipes, falling trees, wilful damage and much more. The treasured possessions inside your house are also at risk. What would you do if they were stolen or damaged – and what might it cost to replace them? These days it’s vitally important to protect your precious home with

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Why choose Budget Direct Home Insurance?

Budget Direct has been assisting Australian homeowners since 2000 with Home, Contents and combined Home and Contents polices. We specialise in providing high-value, flexible cover that’s competitively priced and tailored to fit each customer’s individual circumstances. Our very accurate risk assessments allow us to keep premium costs low – so low, in fact, that We have won Money Magazine’s prestigious Best of the Best award for Cheapest Home and Contents Insurance in 2014. On top of that, we offer significant discounts if you choose to buy your policy from us online: you save 15% with a Home or Contents policy, and 30% if you combine both into a single Home and Contents policy and purchase from us online.

Smarter Insurance means more choices

We think getting the Home Insurance you need at a price you can live with should be easy, straightforward and flexible. That’s why we give you the choice of adding optional benefits to your standard cover - in case you should feel the need for specific extra protection, like Accidental Damage Cover, Motor Burnout Cover or a choice of Excess Options. If you own a rental property and have a Landlord Insurance policy with us, there are Optional Benefits that will cover you too (for Tenant Default or Tenant Theft or Malicious Damage). Terms and Conditions apply so please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Our flexibility also extends to your payment options. Make up your own mind whether you want to pay fortnightly, monthly or annually, and then decide between automatic debit, credit card or PayPal payments. That’s what we call Smarter Insurance.

A quick, easy claims process and a Money Back Guarantee

When comparing Home Insurance quotes, it’s easy to overlook some of the ‘little things’ that can make a big difference to your peace of mind and convenience. Here’s an example: does your present Home and Contents insurer offer you a 24-hour Claims Hotline, so you can get quick assistance with your claim when you need it? We do. Is the telephone contact service based here or somewhere overseas? Ours is based in Australia. And at Budget Direct, we also provide a 21-day Money Back Guarantee on your Home and Contents policy, if you should change your mind. Terms and conditions apply; see the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Don’t forget to protect your valuable Contents too

Our Home Insurance will help protect your house, but what about all those valuable items you have stored inside? Home theft is a risk that should never be taken lightly, and your household possessions can also succumb to accidental breakage or damage from fire or leaking water. Our Contents Insurance can help you protect your appliances, whitegoods, expensive furniture, clothing and valuable personal belongings. Many homeowners tend to underestimate what it might cost to replace their household possessions, but we can help with the mathematics – have a look at our handy Replacement Value Calculators. You can even check the replacement value of your home at the same time!

Go ahead – your online quote from Budget Direct is just a click away!

It’s the ‘not knowing’ that will get you every time – so what are you waiting for? There’s an easy way to see if Budget Direct can save you money on your Home and Contents Insurance: just grab a quick, obligation-free Online Quote from us today - in just a few minutes! Your house will thank you.

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