Contents Insurance

Cover the cost of replacing the things inside your home, from your TV to your towels, with Budget Direct's Contents Insurance.

Contents Insurance

Finding the right Contents Insurance is a great first step in protecting your personal possessions, whether you're renting or own your own home. Many people don't realise how valuable their household items are when viewed as a whole, or fully appreciate how costly it would be to replace them if they were stolen in a break-in, damaged by water or fire or accidentally broken. Insuring your Contents is vital, and that's where Budget Direct Contents Insurance can help, with a tailored policy that's geared toward your individual circumstances and offered at a highly competitive price.

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How is Budget Direct Contents Insurance different?

Budget Direct has been helping renters and homeowners protect their valuable Contents since 2000, and offering great discounts for customers who purchase online. If you buy our Contents Insurance, you'll save 15% by buying online. Interested in a bigger discount? If you own your own home, that's easy – just combine both your Home and Contents cover into a single Home and Contents policy, and you'll save 30% if you buy from us online.

We understand that just as your home or rental is different from the place next door, so is the value of what's inside it. Our Insurance is designed to give you the Contents cover that suits you best, packed with quality Policy Benefits and competitively priced. Our highly accurate risk assessments help us to keep the price of premiums low, and our quick and easy claims process means your claims are handled efficiently and professionally.

Why Contents Insurance is so important

If you've been living in your home or rental property for awhile, the total value of your household possessions may be much greater than you realise. There are all those appliances, plus your expensive furniture, whitegoods, electronics, clothing and personal belongings – many of which may hold treasured memories. What's inside your living space is as much a reflection of who you are as the dwelling itself, and it's heartbreaking to lose personal valuables through unexpected circumstances. And what might it cost to replace these items? If you're unsure about the replacement costs of your common household possessions, feel free to use our handy Replacement Value Calculators to get a more accurate idea.

Burglary in Australia - a problem that isn't going away

According to recent studies, the percentage of burgled Australian households stands at around 2.9%, with 1 in 5 of these homes being broken into more than once. While 2.9% may not seem like a big number, it represents hundreds of thousands of break-ins across the country and millions of dollars worth of property stolen each year. Some of the statistics are interesting: you are more likely to have your dwelling broken into on a Friday than a Sunday, and October seems to be a more popular month for burglars than February. These break-ins can be opportunistic, spur-of-the-moment crimes (with unlocked windows often serving as an open invitation), or part of a much more focused criminal operation. Either way, the most frequently stolen items are cash, laptops, jewellery, cameras, mobile phones, handbags and wallets, credit cards and identification documents, flat-screen TVs, video games and consoles, wristwatches and power tools1. Thieves may even use your own hand tools (taken from an unlocked shed) to help break into your property.

Understanding your Contents cover

Checking out some Home and Contents Insurance comparisons is a smart idea, not only to measure up price differences but also to see exactly what's covered - and what's not. With Budget Direct, your household contents are covered for up to $20 million legal liability, fire cover, theft or attempted theft, storm and rainwater damage, impact cover, lightning cover, accidental breakage of glass, ceramic and sanitary fixtures, earthquake cover, temporary accommodation costs, malicious damage, vandalism and a whole lot more. And if you're after any extra optional benefits, we've got you covered there too.

Affordable insurance made simpler

Insuring your Contents with Budget Direct means you'll have the convenience and peace of mind that comes with access to our 24-hour, Australia-based Claims Hotline. Our Contents cover also comes with a 21-day Money Back Guarantee if you should change your mind. Terms and conditions apply; see the Product Disclosure Statement for full details. Keeping insurance simple is all about giving you choices - like paying fortnightly, monthly or annually, and using direct debit, credit card or PayPal as your preferred payment method. From quick and easy quotes to a straightforward claims process, our goal is to provide reliable protection for your Contents at a price that won't break your budget.

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